The Skints Come To Skank Up The Ocean Mist on July 9

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MATUNUCK, RI – It’s crazy how a genre can once be referred to as “dead” and then it comes back better than ever.

The style proceeds to reinvent itself while progressing and gaining new fans along the way. Just take a look at ska in the 2010s, as the decade turned it became a casualty of the dying punk-infused third wave but these days it’s on the brink of a revival. One of those acts who is bringing the rudeness back is The Skints from London. They’re currently on a tour of North America as the opening act for alt-rock fun starters 311 and they’ll be headlining at the Ocean Mist on Sunday, June 9.

“It’s been quite the adventure, man”, guitarist and vocalist Joshua Waters Rudge says on the band’s current excursion. “The gigs with 311 have been an opportunity to play for a large amount of people at once, which is very beneficial to us. Also, some of the headlining gigs in the States and up in Canada as well have been especially good. It’s cool, people are starting to come out to see us which is great.”

The Skints’ last album FM that came out in 2015 is their biggest release to date that featured numerous collaborations. “The mission basically was to make the best album that we could make while capturing the creative concept we set out to have when we went into the studio”, Rudge continues. “At the time, it was really a lot of fun working with the likes of Tippa Irie and Horseman on the album. They’re really nice guys and it was great to incorporate them into the vision that we had as well.”

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On the current state of ska, Rudge exclaims: “Listen, the people that know and the people that love it love it. Ever since we’ve been a band, every year we always hear that this is the year that ska is coming back or whatever. Ska is a unique little world that has been doing its thing whether or not the media spotlights on it for so long now. Every genre of music should be looking build something fresh and new as time goes on. Obviously, I love the old stuff and most of the music that I listen to is older music but nowadays that’s already happened so you got to do your own thing if you’re looking to be truly original.”

“We still got a lot of road work to do but we’re definitely going to start working on new music, hopefully, a new album next year at some point“, Rudge says on what the rest of 2017 holds for The Skints. “We’re going to be on the road a lot but we’re looking forward to going back to the Ocean Mist. It’s one of the coolest venues I’ve ever been too, in my opinion, ever and we’ve played a lot of venues.”

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