Donovan Frankenreiter Will Bring Acoustic Jams to The Rooftop at Providence G on August 8th

There are people who have numerous talents that they incorporate into living a unique lifestyle. Take Donovan Frankenreiter for example, the singer-songwriter out of Downey, CA is also an avid surfer. Since the dawn of the century, he’s accumulated a devoted following to his acoustic based rock tunes along with being a valued member of the surfing community. With Matt Grundy opening things up, Frankenreiter will be performing in an intimate setting at The Rooftop at Providence G on August 8. Located in the heart of the city’s downtown, the event promises to be the venue’s premier show of the summer.

With Frankenreiter’s love of surfing also comes an extensive collection of surfboards. “I have not been looking lately, sometimes they just appear,” he says on purchasing surfboards. “I gathered a lot of ’70 single fins about 15 years ago and I love riding them. I feel like they’re all works of art.” “Surfing came first”, Frankenreiter exclaims on his first love, “It has introduced me to everything and music, they never get in the way of each other and they both inspire each other.”

A lot of things have changed in the music industry since Frankenreiter started his career with the internet granting musicians more ways to release their material. “You just need to adapt to the times,” Frankenreiter mentions. “It’s what’s happening now, everyone is streaming and that’s how it is. I am just happy I can make a living playing music, that’s a dream come true.”

Recently Frankenreiter joined up with fellow musicians G. Love and Cisco Adler for the new project Jamtown along with releasing an EP back in June. “We went in to make a record with just me and G. Love and have Cisco produce it,” he describes as the beginnings of the band. “By the end of the 10 days the band was formed and I felt that we really made some magic. I like how it came together with it being unplanned and just spontaneous.”

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On the future, Frankenreiter says that a new solo album is in the works along with a new Jamtown record by mentioning: “I am working on a new one now and also we are recording a new Jamtown album in November.”

Tickets to the show are available at and it’s bound to be a one of a kind experience.