Chicago’s NE-HI takes the stage at AS220 on September 12

PHOTO CREDIT: Brian Allen Lamb

Coming out of The Windy City’s storied and illustrious indie rock scene, NE-HI fine tuned their jangly and rhythmic sound when their sophomore release Others came out on February 24 via Grand Jury Music. The dual vocals of guitarists Jason Balla and Mikey Wells convey unique quirks while the rhythm section of bassist James Weir and drummer Alex Otake maintain structure and syncopation. There are also catchy harmonies and upbeat tones. On Tuesday, September 12, NE-HI will be coming through AS220 in the heart of downtown Providence with Brooklyn groove punks Honduras, local lo-fi psych masters Tapestries and Olneyville new wave room shakers Xr-Tabs. It promises to be a prime night for any indie rock fan to get their fix.

“We recorded at a studio called Minbal, located in the great city of Chicago”, Weir says on the making of the band’s follow-up to their 2014 self-titled debut. “They actually have one of the tape machines from the Muscle Shoals Sound Studio, which was quite appealing. The word around town is that The Rolling Stones recorded “Wild Horses” with it. It’s also a pretty small studio and privacy was important to us during the recording process.  It was nice to be able to rent a studio that you could call your own for a few weeks.”

“We recorded with our good friend Dave Vettraino, who recorded our first record and who we’ve really worked with since day one,” Weir mentions.  “He’s a beautiful man who has really great advice for us, sonically and structurally. He also brought a 12’er of Lacroix to the studio every day, which helped.  Our vision was just to make something true to ourselves that was honest and felt reminiscent of the music we grew up on and inspired us to make records. Something like a 1960s Dodge Charger with a Fleetwood Mac decal.”

For a sneak peek of what to expect at 115 Empire Street on the 12, give NE-HI’s latest album a spin. Then go see the show and check them out in person.