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October 22, 2018

PHOTO CREDIT: Luke Pelletier

Oroboro invades The News Café on September 30th

Western Massachusetts progressive noise punks Oroboro have been causing a stir in Rhode Island in 2017. Their unique sound has made them the topic of conversation among numerous social circles within the state’s music scene. It also doesn’t hurt that the band’s frontwoman Emily Carter is a Cranston native. On September 30th at the News Café in Pawtucket, Oroboro will be getting loud with video game rock shredders Lame Genie, punk rock dynamos Mis(s)invader and Taunton, MA amp blasters Spirit Bomb. Spirit Bomb lead singer and guitarist Nick Jacobs will also be celebrating his art showcase at the venue as well.

“As a Rhode Island native, it’s unsurprising that the music scene in Rhode Island is as tight-knit and super-supportive as most art communities I’ve witnessed there, “Carter says about the music scene in The Ocean State. “Everyone knows each other and is seemingly always gassing their friend’s bands, which is important for sustaining a community. With regards to the actual music, it’s quite a bit different from what exists out in Western Mass. It’s a little less “weird” in my opinion, but that may just be the shows we’re playing out there.”

“Being from a band based in the Western Mass scene and knowing both scenes and recently becoming acquainted with the Rhode Island scene”, guitarist Nate Kellogg adds, “I’ve noticed a very compassionate, well-connected, supportive community of people who both work very hard to provide for the Rhode Island music scene and to appreciate and spread art and music. This differs slightly from the scene we’re based in, which albeit is really awesome and teeming with wildly talented, creative folk. The scene itself is more splintered into different almost micro-scenes, including different styles of music and different crowds of people, but of course these all intertwine at one point or another.”

“Our influences sprawl many different bands and genres between the four of us”, Kellogg also describes on what inspires Oroboro’s sound. “These include acts such as Death Grips, Grass is Green, Pile, Grimes, St. Vincent, Queens Of The Stone Age, Sonic Youth, Boards of Canada and a lot of other contemporary art, experimental and noise rock bands.”

Right now, Oroboro have a few demos available to check out on Bandcamp and people should expect an album from them by the end of the year. “For the future we are playing many shows hopefully, and we have an album dropping pretty soon!” Carter exclaims.  “We want to finalize and release a first album hopefully by the end of October or early-mid November”, Kellogg mentions, “and then tour to promote it and get our music out to more people.”

The future looks bright for this act, so make sure to see Oroboro live this Saturday and see what the fuss is all about.