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June 24, 2018

Posts by: Robert Duguay

Ocean State Oyster Festival takes over South Water Street in Providence on September 23rd

Despite being the smallest state in the union, Rhode Island has an awful lot to brag about. The fantastic beaches, a stellar music and art community, some of the best restaurants in New England and you can’t forget the pizza. Another thing that Rhode Island is very good at is seafood, specifically oysters. These delicacies

Toad & The Stooligans ring in release of ‘Very Handsome’ At Fete

Providence alternative hip-hop act Toad & The Stooligans exhibit an uncanny style of charisma whenever they perform. It’s not even pretentious, more like contagious with the vibe and energy the band resonates. Their debut full-length album, Very Handsome, came out on September 15 and they achieve a rare goal of capturing their live essence right

Consider Yourself celebrate release of ‘Flesh Grenade’ at Aurora on September 8th

There’s a sonic art to mastering the abstract. Sound waves bounce off of imaginary boundaries as if they were riding up through a cylinder into an infinite abyss. Providence trio Consider Yourself (formerly known as Two Brothers) exhibit these techniques with a particular style that melds progressive, math and post-rock to unleash musical fury. Their

Downtown Boys Release ‘Cost Of Living’ To The Masses

The state of punk rock in the 2010’s can be taken in numerous directions. It’s a genre that’s ever-changing and consistently accessible while also staying true to taking a stand against what’s wrong in the world. Providence’s Downtown Boys confront various issues in today’s society with their third full-length LP Cost Of Living that’s out

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