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October 22, 2018

Posts by: Robert Duguay

Donovan Frankenreiter Will Bring Acoustic Jams to The Rooftop at Providence G on August 8th

There are people who have numerous talents that they incorporate into living a unique lifestyle. Take Donovan Frankenreiter for example, the singer-songwriter out of Downey, CA is also an avid surfer. Since the dawn of the century, he’s accumulated a devoted following to his acoustic based rock tunes along with being a valued member of

Premiere: Glass Machines’ Debut LP, ‘Cycles’

Providence jazzy jam band Glass Machines have an abundance of rhythm with each song they play. Their sound moves at a steady pace with each member consistently managing to sneak in unique dimensions at various times. This particular structure is exhibited through the act’s debut LP Cycles that’s being premiered on What’s Up Rhode Island

RevivalFest III Takes Over Dusk on July 4th

Americans usually celebrate Independence Day by having a big ol’ BBQ, launching off a plethora of fireworks, engaging in drunken shenanigans and finishing the day by sharing stories and relaxing in front of a bonfire. For people in the Providence music scene, the 4th is celebrated a bit differently. It’s a day that brings out

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