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August 22, 2017


Tyler’s Two Cents: An Ocean Friendly School

Yesterday was the one month mark of the 2017 summer season.  After an incredibly gloomy June, July has seen spectacular weather and consistent forecasts.  Ironically enough, this article is being published during a week of rainy and overcast weather but nonetheless, it finally feels like summer here in Newport. When we last spoke, I was

Just my Opinion: A Tale of Two Communities

This is a tale of two communities – two wealthy Rhode Island Communities. Communities that are sprinkled with million dollar homes, that are the two richest communities in Rhode Island by all measures. This is a tale of one community – Barrington, where voters faced with proposed significant reductions in school spending, threatening various programs,

Just My Opinion: ‘Send in the Clowns’

This story originally appeared on www.whatsupnewp.com, it was written by Frank Prosnitz. What I remember most of my one big day as a clown in Ringling Brothers was the look on the faces of the kids as I climbed into the seats at the old Washington Arena with Frosty, the boss clown. Wide eyes and

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