RevivalFest III Takes Over Dusk on July 4th

Americans usually celebrate Independence Day by having a big ol’ BBQ, launching off a plethora of fireworks, engaging in drunken shenanigans and finishing the day by sharing stories and relaxing in front of a bonfire. For people in the Providence music scene, the 4th is celebrated a bit differently. It’s a day that brings out an event featuring indoor and outdoor stages and 22 talented local bands taking place at one of the best music venues in the city. The third edition of RevivalFest is happening at Dusk and it’s once again bound to be a rabble-rousing time. There’s still the possibility of drunken shenanigans occurring along with musical fireworks being present.

It starts at 1 pm and the lineup is stacked with a diverse array of music. Pawtucket rock and roll phenom Harvey Garbage, art-grunge renegades Raven King and bass driven rock duo Eclectic Electric will be bringing some serious energy. Slacker punks Sex Orgy Death Crash will be getting all sorts of crazy while the likes of Nate Cozzolino & The Lost Arts have the mellow vibe going on via their eccentric tones. Cannibal Ramblers got a bluesy and fuzzy experience in store courtesy of Mark Milloff and his “Poontar” guitar and Bad Motherfucker will be living up to their name by letting loose with a bunch of noise and punk adorned songs. Adding to the metal portion of the festival will be Throne Of Saturn, Demolition Boys, Violet, Teazer and the debut of Hot Knives.

The Quahogs have a mix of garage rock and Americana that’ll captivate the senses while Civility has a post-punk sound that’s reminiscent of late-70s pioneers Joy Division. Zero Holds got a knack for getting people amped up with their brand of emphatic punk rock and Atlantic Thrills are at the forefront of the city’s garage rock community with a sound that’s absolutely stunning. Any guitar junkie will have to watch out for the skills of Brian Webb and Michael Samos when folk-rock act Geraldine takes the stage. The same can be said for Greg Burgess and the surf jazz of The Z-Boys. Cat Has Claws will be bringing a dose of synth rock and new wave acts Beta Motel and Triangle Forest will be making people dance.

RevivalFest sponsor Revival Brewing Company will be serving up brews for the attendees and Julian’s will be providing delicious food. The craziest part about this whole thing is that it’s only $5 and everyone who shows up will get a complimentary shot of whiskey and a drink bracelet. Sounds like a pretty rad deal, right? Check out the set times via the photo below and head on over to 301 Harris Avenue in Providence on the 4th for what’s sure to be a wild experience.

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