RIPR announces they are now ‘The Public’s Radio’

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In a letter to listeners, supporters, and members today, RIPR announced that they are now to be known as “The Public’s Radio”.

The announcement came from the email address identified as and was signed by Torey Malatia, President, CEO, and General Manager of The Public’s Radio.

In June of 2017, Rhode Island Public Radio purchased the 89.3 FM signal from the University of Massachusetts-Dartmouth. This purchase doubled our service area to 1.4 million households, with 400,000 of our potential new listeners living in southeastern Massachusetts. It’s led to a year of re-identifying who and what we are as your local public radio station.
Over the years we have been called, Rhode Island Public Radio, WRNI, RINPR, RIPR, Rhode Island’s NPR, and more. A sense of place was consistent, but with our new footprint, these names no longer embraced the expanded, dynamic and beautiful place we all call home. We realized that our new primary signal of 89.3 FM was offering an opportunity to include all of our communities, across imagined border lines between our cities, towns, and states.
During this process, we realized our identity should be about more than the geography we share. It should be about the sharing itself; about the stories of the people around us. It should, frankly, be about you.
Our role is to ensure that all of our communities have a voice. After all, to truly serve the public we do not get to choose which parts to serve, because we aren’t just public radio, we are The Public’s Radio.
Suddenly, the key to who we are seemed clear and simple, as did our new name. We are The Public’s Radio.
We’re excited and grateful to have you with us in this next stage of our ongoing effort to serve you better. Thanks again for listening and for your ongoing support of our work.
Torey Malatia,
President, CEO, and General Manager
The Public’s Radio
PS: We have recently completed upgrades to the 89.3 FM signal and it has been moved to a higher tower in Tiverton, RI. This should greatly expand and further improve the broadcast area for 89.3 FM. Please tune in here and set it on your listening dial.