The Late Show with Stephen Colbert: 63-Year-Old Sheldon

With Democrats taking the House and Republicans holding on to the Senate, Stephen can’t figure out if he’s supposed to be feeling happy, sad or… everything?

While processing the results on Tuesday night, Colbert found a moment to mention Senator Whitehouse’s victory over Bob Flanders.


And then poked fun at what Whitehouse’s back up plans were had he lost his race for Senate (5:10 mark).

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Results of Senator In Congress Race
Unofficial results from RI Board Of Elections.
420 of 421 precincts reporting (99%)

Senator in Congress

Ballot breakout
Total votes Pct
Sheldon Whitehouse (DEM)
  • Polling place: 212596
  • Mail ballots: 16211
228807 61.4%
Robert G. Flanders, Jr. (REP)
  • Polling place: 134826
  • Mail ballots: 8470
143296 38.4%
  • Polling place: 801
  • Mail ballots: 31
832 0.2%