Concert Review and Photos: Mark Cutler Tribute Night 2 at The Met

All Photos: Rick Farrell, Mojo Photography

The Met in Pawtucket was near capacity Sunday January 27th for the second show of a special fundraiser honoring local legend Mark Cutler. Friends and bandmates joined together for “Too Many Stars,” two nights and about ten hours of music to support the RI Music Hall of Famer, who is battling cancer. Several local bands and artists performed three songs each of Cutler’s music, spanning bands including the Schemers, the Raindogs, Men of Great Courage, The Dino Club and his solo work.

The evening opened with a performance from a collaborative venture, The Same Thing Project, a songwriting and performance workshop that Cutler runs. Other early highlights included songs from The D’Votes and The Bickersons, with each band bringing a slightly different vibe to the stage.

Longshot Voodoo then rocked the Met stage with “Drinking in the Afternoon” and “Too Bad for Me,” and RI favorites Steve Smith and Nakeds performed three including “My Your Heart Keep Beating” and “Keep On Trying.”

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Next up, singer-songwriter Allysen Callery was joined by Heather Rose and backed by members of the Schemers for a slightly gentler set, which included Cutler’s solo releases “Dreamland” and “Skylolo.” The Bob Kendall Band followed with three more including a terrific version of “She’ll Be Killing You Too.”

Hope Anchor cranked up the volume for a trio of punk influenced tunes, “Drive In,” “Isn’t it Fine,” and “Misery.” Fellow RI Hall of Famer John Cafferty then led Beaver Brown through Cutler classics “Danger Avenue,” “Streamline Heart,” and “Remember.”

The music concluded once again, with the guest of honor taking the stage for a few songs with his Schemers bandmates. Cutler and crew closed things out with killer versions of “Valley of Love,” “Too Many Stars,” and “I Want Some Fun,” a song that is always a crowd pleaser.

Word has it that Cutler’s treatments are going well, and he expects to be back on the scene soon. We’ll have all the details here. Meanwhile, check out some of the photos of the night from Rick Farrell of Mojo Photography. For even more pics, click here.