WhatsUp Interview: Author/Musician Greg Lato Publishes Children’s Book

Appearing this Weekend at Barrington Books

Rhode Island singer-songwriter Greg Lato has a new gig. The award-winning musician, who has written tunes for movies, tv, and lately, Voice runner up and former child star Billy Gilman, has authored a children’s book, titled “Try.”

The interactive story is intended to be a springboard for solving issues that kids and adults confront in life. The book is accompanied by a companion song, “Try,” a reggae flavored tune that spreads good vibes. Click here for a listen.

Lato is on the road this weekend with in-store appearances at Barrington Books Retold in Cranston Saturday and then Barrington Books in Barrington on Sunday. We had a few questions for Lato ahead of those appearances.

What inspired you to write Try?

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I have young daughters, 5 and 2 years old. I read to them every night before bed and often follow them around the house with my guitar making up funny songs to things they do. It was a combination of those things that made me come up with the concept for this book.


This is your first children’s book. What did you learn in the process? How is the experience different from songwriting?

The children’s book author world is different in many ways from what I was doing before. The venues, faces and lyrical content have changed. My shows are much earlier, which I like, and moms and dads who may have been fans of my music before are now bringing their kids to see me which is awesome. I also find myself much more inspired when writing songs with kid’s themes. There is no shortage of ideas because of my kids!

What else are you up to?

I am also currently working on a full album of kid’s songs that I expect to release sometime this summer. I’m having the most fun I’ve ever had recording it because children’s music has allowed me to play around with many different genres which is fun and allows me to be more creative.

Here’s Greg’s complete schedule for this weekend.

May 4 – Barrington Books, Garden City Cranston 1pm. 176 Hillside Rd. Cranston, RI, 02920 – Storytime, Performance and Book Signing.

May 5 – Barrington Public Library for Children’s Book week, 2pm. 281 County Rd. Barrington, RI, 02806. Storytime, Performance and Book Signing.