Out and About in RI – Dave’s Coffee

Charlestown Shop is Hidden Gem

Dave's Coffee

That perennial quarter-mile of parked cars in both directions on Old Post Rd. (Rte. 1) in Charlestown is there for a reason, to grab some locally-made coffee syrup, whole bean combinations, baked goods or coffee that will keep you going for your workday or a trip to the nearby beach.

No one seems to mind waiting in a line that snakes through the inside of the small shop and sometimes out into the parking lot either. Why would they? The staff is one of the friendliest groups you’d ever want to meet, the grounds are kept like a manicured garden with picnic tables and benches for different-sized groups to sit and relax; and the inside of the establishment is a very dog-friendly environment.

As for their products, their coffee is strong and hot (or iced) and the strawberry-rhubarb muffin was piping hot, and melted in my mouth. And from what I hear, the scones are just as delicious. It’s a family business, so they take their time, make sure what they produce is quality and their customers are satisfied when they walk out the door, even if they had to wait.

If you’d like to learn a little more about how they make their coffee, click here. And for one last piece of trivia information, Dave’s is located in Quonochontaug; you know, where Mulder from the X-Files had a summer home as a kid. Can’t pronounce it? Have a couple cups of coffee first, it’ll make it easier.

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