Out and About in RI: Monahan’s Clam Shack

Where Clamcakes and Chowder Rule

Imagine a craving that just won’t go away, one that forces you to get in your car and start driving. That’s the kind of food Monahan’s, at the end of the seawall in Narragansett, has been providing for years now.

I had been on the beach in Misquamicut early in the day, then ran a couple of errands in the Westerly and Charlestown area when I got the hankering, and while I was standing in line, a long one, I heard from the couple behind me that they too had made quite a drive from Norton, Mass. for Monahan’s fare.

My desire was for the clam cakes and chowder. I hadn’t experienced any this season and I wanted Monahan’s first before my palate might get stained by other, lesser quality items first. I wasn’t disappointed. Opting for the red chowder, I could see the clams through the broth, overpowering every other ingredient in the hearty stew.

Writing this makes my mouth water anew just thinking about it; and the clam cakes were light, not dense and filled with clams as well. Dunking them in the chowder to absorb the red stock was exactly what they were cooked up to be as a side companion for the soup.

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As for the couple from Norton, they made the drive down because he had a hankering for the Fish Reuben, and as they sat at the table next to me, I got the word that it was every bit as good as they hoped. She also went for clam cakes and chowder (New England style) and she raved about her meal as well. The one thing no one heard, either while standing in line or while sitting at the table waiting for the food to be delivered, was anyone complaining about the line or the time it took for the food. No one cared, the sun was shining, the waves were rolling in and customers were breathing in the fresh air.

For great food, served by a friendly staff at reasonable prices at a true walk-up, “clam shack,” you can’t beat Monahan’s Clam Shack in Narragansett. Now open at 11 am daily seven days a week.