Local firefighter turned author travel’s back to Rhode Island’s pirate past in debut novel

On October 5 at 5 pm Stillwater books will host the launch of the new supernatural middle-grade novel “The Curse of Purgatory Cove” by local author Pete A O’Donnell.

The story is set on the banks of Narragansett Bay and is about a pirate cursed to live on the land for 300 years, while the ghosts of his crew wait in the water for his return. The pirate captain, Swift, recounts his story to Tom Summerlee, a local paperboy that’s planning his own adventure.

The author, Pete A O’Donnell, is a firefighter in the town of East Greenwich which was the inspiration for the fictitious town of West Harbor in the book. It sits on the banks of Purgatory Cove.  A location not found on a map, but recognizable to many locals by the landmarks, both in the pirate of the novel’s historical retelling and as the character Tom sails out past Block Island, looking for lost treasure.

O’Donnell is also the creator of Illadvisedstories.com, a children’s story podcast which is part of kidslisten.org a group of creators that includes members such as Circle Round from WBRU Boston and Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls.

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O’Donnell has a degree in journalism and creative writing from Queen’s University in Charlotte, NC and has served 13 years as a firefighter. In that time he has written two grants for the department, one of which resulted in the procurement of $88,000 in safety equipment. This is his first novel.

“The Curse of Purgatory Cove” is available from Barnes and Nobles, Amazon, Stillwater books and other fine retailers.