WhatsUp Interview: Dr. Westchesterson Coming to Revival Brewery Saturday September 14th

Dr. Westchesterson is a musical circus with a purpose. He’s a well-known area hip-hop artist genuinely living the dream. His act is part rap, part comedy, part politics … and 100% entertaining. His overriding message … legalize it!

I interviewed the good doctor over e-mail last week and he had a lot to share. His backstory is compelling … and open to interpretation… We’ll allow him to share his story.

“I first started playing the piano in 5th grade. I joined my first garage band in 6th grade and played Keytar. Wearing parachute pants, I played all the hits of the 80’s. That summer, I worked as a picker on a tobacco farm. That’s where I met my friend Mikey from Kingston, Jamaica. Mikey gave me my first joint and some seeds which I cultivated into a mighty fine batch of Mary Jane. By 9th grade I had perfected my skills and would sling dime bags between sets when my band played at the high school dances. I was a pretty popular dude.”

He continued…

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“My life changed forever when I heard Beastie Boys’ “License to Ill” album. From then on- it was all about hip hop. In high school I took an electronic music production class. That’s when I started dropping my own beats. Spent my undergrad years at Amherst College and designed my own course of study mixing pre-med with horticulture classes at the Stockbridge School of Agriculture at UMASS. After matriculating, I moved to Oregon for Medical School and became a legit Dr.  Besides establishing my own private practice, I was also one of the forerunners of the medical marijuana movement and owned and oversaw one of the first grow facilities to develop particular strains of medical grade cannabis.

“One evening in the mid 90’s, I was pulled over on a routine traffic stop for a tail light violation. Upon opening the trunk of my car, the officer discovered over 50 lbs. of my highest grade stuff. Arrested and released on bail, I fled and spent the next twenty odd years on the lam. My travels took me to the far ends of the earth. After rescuing from drowning the daughter of a high-powered Washington DC politico-type, arrangements were made, briefcases full of cash exchanged and my record expunged.

“I now reside between Western Massachusetts, the Southeastern Connecticut Shoreline and Block Island where I keep it real droppin’ old school beats and keepin’ dem asses shakin’ on da dance floor. I no longer practice medicine but am still heavily involved in the cannabis game. Remember when Colorado was the first state to legalize recreational use a few years back? Yeah…that was me.”

His viewss on legalization are clear…

“It’s now widely known that the criminalization of marijuana in the earlier part of the 20th century was based on the establishment’s desire to keep certain segments of the population (namely African-Americans) incarcerated. The demonization of cannabis was no more than a means for the powers that be to exercise control. Meanwhile, chemical and pharmaceutical companies pumped Americans full of poison while the fat cats got fatter… As AC/DC once said, ‘It’s a long way to the top if ya wanna rock and roll.’ The same can be said of our struggle to legalize Jah Rasta goodness.”

Meanwhile, you have the opportunity to catch an amazing show Saturday at Revival.

“When I hit the stage at the Revival Brewing Company- I’m gonna bring nothing but that Dr. Westchesterson “A-game”. When I step on the stage…any stage…I give 110% to the audience in front of me. I don’t care if there’s 10 people or 10,000 people. Because my rhymes go down smoother than a silky Stout. If you thought Revival’s IPA’s were hoppy- wait until the crowd gets a taste of Dr. W’s hip-hoppy beats. I’m gonna tap a keg of whoop ass and get dem’ asses shakin’. Cuz’ dat’s just how I do it. And I’m definitely gonna drop my two viral hits, “413” and “I’m from Western Mass”, the YouTube videos for which have over half a million views combined!”

We strongly recommend you head to Revival Saturday night to fully experience Dr. Westchesterson. Complete details here.