Rhode Island General Treasurer: An additional $23 million in new Missing Money is waiting to be claimed by Rhode Islanders

background with a lot of dollars

Rhode Island General Treasurer Magaziner announced today that his Unclaimed Property division received an additional $23 million in unclaimed property in 2019, bringing the total amount of unclaimed property being held in safekeeping for Rhode Islanders to over $389 million.

“Every year, our team reunites thousands of Rhode Islanders with millions of their missing money,” said Treasurer Magaziner in a press release. “We also receive millions of dollars of unclaimed property to hold in safekeeping for Rhode Islanders. If you haven’t checked our website for your missing money recently, now’s the time.”

The Unclaimed Property division says that they returned nearly $11 million in unclaimed property to its rightful owners in 2019, resolving 9,763 separate claims.

Unclaimed property can include money left in old bank accounts and safe deposit boxes, uncashed paychecks, unused balances on gift certificates, unreturned utility deposits, uncollected insurance payments and forgotten stocks and dividends. Unclaimed property is held in safekeeping on behalf of individual Rhode Islanders, as well as businesses and nonprofits.

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Searching for and claiming property is free, and simple. Visit www.findRImoney.com to begin the process.

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