Brewery of the Month: Linesider in East Greenwich Tackles a Variety of Brews

Brewery Established by former Patriot Dan Koppen

This month, we revive our “Brewery of the Month” series. We’ll check out a different micro-brewery around the region and report back regularly.  We know, it’s a tough assignment…

A cold Saturday afternoon in an otherwise mild winter was good reason to spend a couple of hours at Linesider Brewery. What better place in East Greenwich to meet an old friend, share high school war stories and sample a few brews.

Linesider is relatively new on the local craft brewery scene, a welcome addition “mid-state.” Founded by Jeremy Ruff and former Patriot linebacker Dan Koppen, the Brewery produces over 1000 barrels of beer annually, in a state-of-the-art-facility. The tasting room is located in a nondescript building in a commercial/industrial stretch on South County Trail.

I sampled several small pours and was admittedly impressed. The “Patience and Prudence” was a very nice American ale, not too bitter, not to sweet. “White Knuckles,” a German style wheat beer along the lines of “Blue Moon,” was lovely; quite smooth, with a dash of orange peel to sweeten things off.

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I was most impressed with their seasonal brews – the “Harvest” Winter Ale, an amber style beer with a sugar and spice adorned rim was excellent, as was the “Bruno,” a brown ale with a deep mellow taste and a malty aroma. We skipped the sours on this visit, but look forward to the “Wicked Taht” (Blood Orange Sour) next time.

The place was packed! The staff is excellent, and you didn’t feel at all rushed, even though a short line was building behind you.

Although dogs are not welcome, Linesider is definitely family friendly, so much so that the adult/kid ratio was perhaps a bit high on the kid side… although most were better behaved than many a bar patron we’ve encountered, so no major worries. It’s a good vibe, even in a warehouse.

Even the Girl Scouts were there selling cookies on this particular day, suggesting unique pairings that are bound to entice…  those Caramel Delights would definitely work well with an IPA. And Shortbread cookies with the PB Chocolate Milk Stout has got to be a made in heaven match.

Brewery Rating

Beer: 5 out of 5 (for Beer and cookies). Several seasonals available, lots of variety.

Ambiance: 4 out of 5. The shipping container feel is hard to avoid, but it’s dressed up nice, and the staff is excellent.

We recommend you check out Linesider soon – cookies optional. For more information, click here.