Legislative News – Feb. 24: The latest from the RI General Assembly

The latest press release and news from the Rhode Island General Assembly.

02/24/2020Sen. V. Susan Sosnowski;MEDIA ADVISORY: Senate Environment and Agriculture Committee to hear presentation from R.I. Food Policy Council
02/24/2020Sen. Erin Lynch Prata;MEDIA ADVISORY: Senate Judiciary Committee meets twice this week to hear several bills
02/24/2020Sen. Hanna Gallo;MEDIA ADVISORY: Senate Education Committee to hear curriculum bills, consider appointments to URI Board of Trustees
02/24/2020Sen. William Conley;MEDIA ADVISORY: Senate Finance Committee to hear bill on motion picture tax credits, budget related to license, registration
02/24/2020Rep. Jean Philippe Barros;MEDIA ADVISORY: RI Black & Latino Caucus will hold 11th Annual Joint Legislative Black History Month Heritage Celebration, tomorrow, February 25
02/24/2020Rep. Robert Craven;MEDIA ADVISORY: House Judiciary Committee meets twice this week to vote on three bills and hear testimony on several others
02/24/2020Rep. Joseph McNamara;MEDIA ADVISORY: House Health, Education and Welfare Committee to consider Right to Try Act, hear health care bills
02/24/2020Rep. Marvin Abney;MEDIA ADVISORY: House Finance Committee meets three times this week to continue hearing FY 2021 budget articles
02/24/2020Sen. Joshua Miller;Media Advisory: Senate committee to hear bills on pharmacies, PFAS chemicals
02/24/2020Rep. Patricia Serpa;MEDIA ADVISORY: House Oversight Committee to review Rhode Island’s contracts on professional services
02/24/2020Sen. Ryan Pearson; Rep. Gregg Amore;Sen. Pearson, Rep. Amore to introduce bill adding tax bracket for income over $500,000 dedicated to education
02/24/2020Rep. Joseph J. Solomon; Sen. Bridget G. Valverde;Event Wednesday for bill to end animal use in physician training programs