Legislative News – Feb. 26: Plastic Waste, Juror fee bills, Animal use in medical training

The latest news and press releases from from the Rhode Island General Assembly.

02/26/2020Sen. William Conley; Rep. Karen Alzate;Press conference announcing legislation to raise revenue from top 1% of earners
02/26/2020Sen. Elizabeth Crowley;Senate passes Sen. Crowley’s juror fee bills
02/26/2020Sen. Valarie J. Lawson;Sen. Lawson introduces bill to establish the Catastrophic Illness in Children Relief Fund
02/26/2020Rep. Christopher T. Millea;Rep. Millea introduces bill to allow public grand jury reports
02/26/2020Sen. Bridget G. Valverde; Rep. Joseph J. Solomon;Bill would end animal use in medical training
02/26/2020Sen. Hanna Gallo;Senate OKs Gallo bill allowing school committees to fund school field trips out of budget
02/26/2020Sen. Dominick Ruggerio;Senate passes President Ruggerio’s Plastic Waste Reduction Act
02/26/2020Rep. David Bennett;House OKs Bennett bill to allow students sunscreen in schools
02/26/2020Rep. Dennis Canario; Rep. John Edwards;Rep. Canario and Rep. Edwards deliver legislative grant to Portsmouth Police Department