What’s Up at Shaidzon Beer: Blues, Brews and Dogs

Good thing my human had me along for this adventure, that other voice in his moving machine told him he arrived but it was my canine nose that told him we’d found beer, and more importantly, fellow dogs in an industrial area in South Kingstown. I have to say, for a warehouse near the train tracks, this place was way too clean and should have had a lot more funky smells for a dog to savor. I’m man’s best friend, I wouldn’t lie, there’s more mice poop in our basement in Charlestown from before he rescued me than there was in Shaidzon Beer Co. At least when some of dad’s friends’ dogs started to arrive, I had something to sniff.

From what I heard him talking with his high school friends about (How old are you humans?), it seems they enjoyed this place a great deal. My human’s friend Carol brought her canine, Rufus, and we had fun while they drank beer. I got a taste of something my human called, “Never Tomorrow IPA(6 percent alcohol content).”  He and his friend, the tall one, talked about it being, “hoppy,” (rabbits???) and slightly bitter, but not from the hops but from the citrus, because the beer is dry hopped. (Seriously, are there rabbits you’re hiding from me?) All I know is it was light yellow. 

Then dad came over with another beer called a Buffalo Czech (5.2 percent alcohol content), all I could think of was fresh beef! Boy, was I disappointed with another light beer that dad called, “ A perfect pilsner, a mix of sweet and hoppy, what you’d expect at an Oktoberfest.” Is that something I should forward to with people spilling beers? 

It was then I hit the jackpot! Carol came over with a hot dog from Wally’s, so I did get my beef. Dad got his final beer, the West Kingston Brown Ale, a lower alcohol content brew at 5 percent that imitates an English ale and is smooth going down but nothing special to write home about, since dad spilled some on the ground and I managed to lick some up. 

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It was an interesting place, some kids, a few dogs for this event, not enough people spilling beer for my taste, but the facility was spotless, the staff was extremely friendly, there was a lot of varied merchandise for sale, and for the most part the beer is very good and the venue is very much worth a drive, especially with the nice weather coming. You can find Shaidzon Beer Co. at 141 Fairgrounds Rd., West Kingston, RI. Visit their website here.