Band of the Day: Heather Rose in Clover – Support Local Artists

Heather Rose in Clover

As the Coronavirus deepens, touring musicians are unable to play live gigs, the major source of income for many. For the duration of the crisis, we’ll be highlighting a different local musician/band here daily.

Today’s “Band of the Day” is Heather Rose in Clover. The alt/indie/rock power trio of Heather Rose, Lisa Middleton, and Chris Alvarado released the critically acclaimed album Canyons in late 2018.

Canyons was written over a span of 10 years and “displays how feelings on love, heartache, loss, and hope can be altered by self reflection and experience. The musical backdrops change like the sets of a play, boasting crunchy guitar and hard hitting drums for one track and cleanly delivered melodic hooks on the next, all while using the lead bass approach of the low end to meld the energetic, sonic presentation together.” In other words, rock and roll!

For more on the band, and a link to their music, click here.